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LaMonica Beverages

NEWS and EVENTS 19 Nov 13 0

The LaMonica Beverages warehouse is located in Loves Park. Their locally owned warehouse services over 600 accounts in Winnebago, Boone, areas of McHenry, Ogle, and DeKalb Counties. Rockford, IL is the main city in their territory and forms the center of their distribution area. This site has a massive collection of beer information on every beer they sell. This site made me learn how to create a Facebook feed on the bottom of the home page.

Please check out this very good looking site at

Deborah Newton Artist

NEWS and EVENTS 19 Nov 13 0

Deborah Newton Artist from Lake Geneva Wisconsin is an abstract artist. She has over 700 paintings in public and private collections, nationally. Her artwork is abstract and expressive and lately she has been creating some impressive tapestries.

This website is simple and easy to understand. It allows easy uploads of new work and it is easy to edit. The gallery design was the largest hurdle to overcome for this website project.

“Life is Life and so it goes… one ordinary or rapturous moment after another. And so I paint… in colors and private symbols that may quietly or urgently connect with and inspire one…or more than one…”
-Deborah Newton Artist

Check out her site

Belles Firm of Architecture

NEWS and EVENTS 05 Nov 13 0

Belles Firm of Architecture in Rockford Illinois has been providing design services in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since 1992. They are a full service firm offering complete architectural services, including Planning, Interior Design and Engineering, related to Commercial and Residential projects. Belles Firm of Architecture works with Developers, Builders, Contractors, Government Agencies, Business Owners, Commercial Real Estate Owners, and Home Owners to build, enlarge or improve your real estate investments.

This customer has been great to work with. They update their site regularly. They work on search engine optimization. They rarely bug me with any problems except coding questions. They have gained great benefit from keeping up with the site. They came out of nowhere and now they are on top in the community.

Al Manarah Medicine Store

NEWS and EVENTS 28 Oct 13 0

Al Manarah Medicine Store is a Pharmaceutical Distribution organization located in the United Arab Emirates since 1992 and enjoys a highly diversified portfolio of companies both in Pharma and Neutraceutical categories. Their team comprises of around 150 professional employees. Al Manarah Mission is to improve the quality of life of our Society and Vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical distributor and marketer in our territory and to provide excellent quality and innovative products to the market.

Areas of Business: Pharmaceuticals • Neutraceuticals • Dermo–Cosmoceuticals

This was a site I had one day to develop. I created it using a popular content management system. It is not my most attractive site that I developed but it is exactly what they wanted for their presence.

Enjoy the interesting home page coding

GIGI Pharmaceuticals

NEWS and EVENTS 22 Oct 13 0

GIGI PHARMACEUTICAL STORE founded in 1975 and is A Division of Peace World Group of Companies, a leading and fast expanding group. GIGI Pharmaceuticals provides the people and society with the quality healthcare they count on. Investing in people is one of GIGI Pharmaceutical Stores objectives. It is quite clear that to perform and achieve the company’s objectives, a well trained and continuously developed personnel is extremely important. They know that each one of us has the willingness to make a difference at our company. Each and every one is bringing a unique input and voice that is critical to the success of providing healthcare services to our customer.

This site was developed and launched in one day. The customer needed two sites created in just 48 hours and I was up to the task. This site is far more complete than the other but both were completed on time and on budget.

Check out the site

CK Hair Salon

NEWS and EVENTS 15 Oct 13 0

CK Hair Salon has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. They consider each client as an individual with his or her own needs. CK Hair salon is dedicated to service and value. They go the extra mile to make each guest feel a part of their family. Whether you are looking to have your eyebrows waxed or need to touch up your color, they can help.

Fashion is the ultimate dictator. It is an outside force. But style comes from within, from individual inspiration.

This site is more about style than functionality. Colleen and Kris wanted a classy look for their site and a quick turnaround. There is still work to be done, but the site did its job and they have plenty of work now. It was built on a popular content management system quickly in just a few hours.

Check it out

Armor Coated Technology

NEWS and EVENTS 08 Oct 13 0

Armor Coated Technology is the only company in Machesney Park, IL that does armor coating independently. Armor Coated Technology was incorporated in February of 2005, out of a growing need in the area. The majority of our business stems from Rockford, Chicago, Iowa, and Ohio. Our target industries being fastener companies, cutting and drill manufacturers, plastic and molding companies, for a variety of tools including Punches, Die Inserts, Cutting Saws, Dovetales, HSS & Carbide Drills, Special Insert Tooling, End Mills and Taps. They offer coatings made with Titanium Nitride (TiN), XL-100, Titanium Aluminum Nitride, Chomium Nitride (CrN) and Zirconium Nitride (ZrN).

This is another partner of Loomis website. It is simple to edit and is bright and appealing even if the subject matter is not exciting.

Check it out

National Header Die

NEWS and EVENTS 01 Oct 13 0

National Header Die can help you with all your tooling choices. Proper tooling choices will enhance your ability to compete and increase profits. To serve our customers, NATIONAL HEADER DIE offers a full line of complimentary tooling along with state of the art dies. All of our tools are designed and produced at our facility, resulting in consistent quality with shortened processing time. They offer 12 Point Inserts, Tr-lobe & Tri-Point Dies, Tooling Shapes, Segmented Open Dies, 6-Lobe Punches, Engraving, Hexes and Serrated Dies.

This is a Loomis partner site created for National Header Die. This site shows off the ISO 9001 certification. It uses a high quality content management system and is easily updated.

Visit this bright site

Loomis International

NEWS and EVENTS 24 Sep 13 0

Loomis International can fulfill your appraisal needs for cold forming and metal working machinery/equipment. Their appraisal services are conducted diligently, assessed accurately, and completed ethically. Loomis represents Master Machine Craft, Inc., a distinguished leader in cold forming machinery repair and rebuilding. Located in Rockford, IL, Master Machine Craft employs a knowledgeable staff with over 100 years combined experience. As an additional service, their experienced professionals may attend machinery auctions on your behalf. Services entailed are machinery evaluation, assessment of the approximate value of the machinery, and setup of rigging/ trucking/ permits for purchased machinery.

Loomis needed an e-commerce site and they deal in equipment that needs the sales to be in person. The site does not work as an e-commerce site but it uses the structure. None the less, it is easy to add products and now customers can see the used equipment online.

Check out Loomis

Michael Hedeen – Rockford Attorney

NEWS and EVENTS 18 Sep 13 0

Rockford Attorney Michael Hedeen’s website needed an update. Michael J. Hedeen, P.C. is a personal service oriented solo practice law firm concentrating on general litigation, personal injury and worker’s compensation matters. Selecting an attorney that is right for your case is often critical to the outcome of your legal issue. Michael J. Hedeen, P.C. is committed to providing expertise gained from over 20 years of legal experience and dealing with clients that expect to work closely with their attorney and receive prompt and clear communications on the progress of their case and answers to their legal questions.

I had created Michael’s website years ago using flash as a delivery vehicle. Well time passed and so did flash as an all platform solution. With his site I wanted to make it work on all devices while not changing a thing. I simply used some of the new CSS techniques and you literally can not tell the difference. This will also help Search Engine Optimization because the content is created in html instead of flash and there are several pages now instead of just one.

Check out the new version

Belvidere Blasters

NEWS and EVENTS 12 Sep 13 0

Belvidere Blasters Girls Softball offer players the opportunity to play in two to three tournaments in addition to regular league play. These part-time travel teams are comprised of each league’s top players and will compete in tournaments against other travel teams from northern Illinois and throughout the midwest. With the addition of this program, the league’s top players will be able to compete in regular league games as well as competitive tournaments and additional practices without any interference.

This was a simple and quick design. They needed to update it easily and still look great. This one was as quick as turnaround gets.

Check it out

Self Storage Solutions

NEWS and EVENTS 04 Sep 13 0

Self Storage Solutions is a new site that had a quick turnaround for development. I did not see any art for this site days before launch. No problem, I was able to get this very nice looking storage locker web page ready in just two days. It is compatible with mobile devices, tablets and regular browsers.

Self Storage Solutions provides safe and secure storage in a convenient, clean and professionally managed operation that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Whether you are looking for temporary storage or a more permanent solution, we have a self storage solution that’s right for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Check out this great new site even though the subject matter is not so exciting

Sara Strozinsky

NEWS and EVENTS 22 Aug 13 0

Sara Strozinsky is a talented landscape watercolor artist from Baraboo, WI. She is a productive painter and I created a website that allows her to update imagery easily and quickly. This site feels simple but I needed to employ several new techniques I have been using to allow this reactive flexible design. The explosion of tablets into the market has really forced everyone to design with several platforms in mind. Now every site has to responsively adhere to 4 size and coding standards, Internet Explorer, all other browsers, tablets and smartphones. It is not that much more complex, but you do have to look at everything you create in all four platforms to make sure no one is alienated by your layout and it can be read on a smartphone without zooming and panning.

Check out her new site

Cathy Rose

NEWS and EVENTS 15 Aug 13 0

Again, I forget to update my site after I complete projects. Especially ones that I am proud of. Cathy Rose is a talented artist from New Orleans who works with porcelain to create sculpture with true emotion and passion.

With this site I figured out new ways of scaling images. Browsers are becoming more difficult to design for. This site has a technique that helps give the viewer maximum impact of her art no matter the size of the window. I used imagery in different ways depending on the page content.

Please check out Cathy’s website

AAA Charters

NEWS and EVENTS 08 Apr 13 0

Year Round Gulf Coast Fishing Charters

This site is the official website of AAA Charters. They offer access to a fleet of 100+ fishing charters and sightseeing cruises in Orange Beach, AL; Gulf Shores, AL; and the back waters of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Deep Sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and back bay fishing in the bays and bayous have drawn visitors to our shores for over a century. They are proud to continue the tradition of offering access to their World Class Fisheries and the sights of their pristine waterways.

Visit AAA Charters

Bliss Dinosaur Ranch

NEWS and EVENTS 09 Jan 13 0

Here is something I have never blogged about. The Bliss Dinosaur Ranch is near Weston Wyoming where my uncle Frank, aunt Patty and cousin Chris have called home for years. I built them a site for the ranch years ago in flash. The ranch is about the same size as Manhattan and the population is increasing soon.

Check out the Wyoming Dinosaur Ranch site

Roping LonghornMy parents are currently building a home at the Ranch. They also started a cattle business and have purchased many head of longhorn already. The house is nearing completion and they should be moving into the new property this Spring.

Check out the new Roping Longhorn business site.

MedicineMan Creative

NEWS and EVENTS 10 Dec 12 0

MedicineMan Creative has been a long standing friend and ally in web design. I have been able to implement some crazy ideas and graphic hurdles given to me by this creative team. Thank you for all of the work MedicineMan Creative.

We have been updating this website to allow for IE10 viewing. Formerly a completely flash based site, Internet Explorer and Iphone/Ipads no longer support the flash plug-in, so the alternative content was just not enough. I made the home flash movie into a cross platform video and I made the company page into HTML5.

Check out the new

Wheels by RT

NEWS and EVENTS 31 Oct 12 0

October welcomed the launch of Wheels by R.T. Wheels by R.T. now offers one of the finest selections of vehicles to choose from. Whether it’s your child’s first car or the vehicle you have always dreamed of, Wheels by R.T. has what you’re looking for. Wheels by R.T.’s goal has always been to provide our customers with a quality vehicle at an affordable price. The cars sell themselves.

Rockford Summer Sites

NEWS and EVENTS 23 Aug 12 0

Keith Country Day SchoolKeith Country Day School has finally launched. It was a large project and caused me to invent new ways of displaying data.

The layout may seem simple, but there is complex programming going on under the easy interface. It is truly a complex piece with a simple interface.

Keith School is a private school in Rockford Illinois that my son attended when we lived there. It was a nice accomplishment to add my touch to an important institution in downtown Rockford.

Already a massive upgrade from the old Keith website, the new site has been applauded by teachers and parents alike.

Rockford Process ControlAlso after quite a few changes RPC has also launched. Rockford Process Control manufactures, and is expert at, integrating metal related disciplines. We provide our customer with single parts, complex sub-assemblies and sophisticated finished products. Their wide breadth of capabilities includes Tube Forming and Fabrication, Laser Cut Tubing, CNC Machining, Robotic Welding, Metal Stamping, and Powder Paint.

Busy February

NEWS and EVENTS 22 Feb 12 0

There were several new sites that now grace the hard drive of hostastick. This month has been one site after another.
Forest City Communications Network Design Specialist
First was for Chad Davies. Chad is a Rockford area network installer. He installs phone systems, wiring, security cameras and configures routers.

Finch Funeral and CrematoryNext was a site for a funeral home. Yes, funeral homes need websites. Finch was pleased to be able to include slide shows with the obituaries that the owner easily updates himself. Please visit to see the result.

Shelter Care Ministries Homeless Shelters in Rockford Illinois
And finally Shelter Care Ministries is on the way to getting done. This new version is at


NEWS and EVENTS 24 Jan 12 0

Here is a little radio station that my brother Amzad and I started in 2006. If you enjoy ONIYOM on a regular basis, please consider supporting us on a regular basis as well. As always, if you simply can’t afford to send us support, we understand.

We’re happy to be able to provide you with our classic Bengali music streams even if times are tough.

Enjoy the stream now or visit the site

Peter Paul Electronics

NEWS and EVENTS 20 Dec 11 0

I have been adding to this very complex site for some time now. It features many types of programming and includes a custom email marketing system.

Peter Paul Electronics has two facilities, one in New Britain, CT consisting of a 77,000 square foot plant in New Britain, Connecticut, and a 23,500 square foot facility in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. High quality design, innovative research and development set Peter Paul apart from other manufactures. Continuous improvement is in the fabric of the company on all levels with people having years of experience, dedication and pride.

Please visit today.


NEWS and EVENTS 14 Dec 11 0

Rodger Bliss needs your continued support to help pay for this server. In the past Rodger has used far less expensive shared reseller hosting servers. All of my customers were sharing one IP address with 100’s of unknown sites and this had become a problem that was simply getting worse. Hostastick is a dedicated server.

A dedicated server comes at a much higher price and now I actually charge a monthly fee to host websites. Your cost is a small fraction of what the server costs me per month. Hostastick has now actually payed for itself. 

Support me with a hosting account.

Hostastick Hosting Service serving Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood RanchMy dedicated server has provided the sites with a higher level of security, speed, and up time. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment. Security is a top priority of hostastick. I am requiring passwords that are rated 100% secure.

Real Property Consultants

NEWS and EVENTS 10 Mar 11 0

Real Property Consultants provides experienced, expert solutions to real estate/property concerns. Our knowledge in appraisal, market analysis, valuation and consulting enables us to identify methods appropriate to address our clients’ individual needs. We then professionally apply those methodologies to form well-supported opinions and conclusions.